Speeding/Traffic Ticket

How to pay a speeding ticket if you lost it? We understand you need to know the answer. We know what you’re going through. With over 20 years of experience in traffic ticket and criminal defense matters, we already defended hundreds of drivers like you. We will certainly fight to get you the very best feasible resolution for your case. We will help you with every step of the way and treat you with respect. We have enough knowledge when it comes to court proceedings. We will fight hard to protect your driver’s license.

We help protect car drivers in all traffic issues, including:

  • Driving Without Vehicle Insurance
  • Texting While Driving Ticket
  • Driving an Ininsured Car
  • Caught Driving after Driver’s License has been suspended
  • Caught Driving after Driver’s License has been Cancelled
  • Driving with a Driver’s License that has been Revoked
  • Under the Influence of Alcohol or Dangerous Drugs while driving
  • Caught Driving Without Proof of a Driver’s License
  • Improper Turn Violation Ticket
  • Running Red Lights and Stop Sign Violation
  • Failing to Pay a Traffic Fines Ticket Violation
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Leaving the Scene Of an Accident Or Crash (“Hit And Run”)
  • careless and Reckless Driving Offense Ticket
  • Unsafe Speed Charge Ticket
  • Passing a Stopped School Bus Violation Ticket
  • Following Too Closely (Tailgating) Violation Ticket
  • Failure to Yield Accident Traffic Ticket
  • Failure To Use/Improper Use of Turn Signals Ticket
  • Disobeying a Traffic Control Device

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A simple traffic citation can have significant consequences. If you have a current traffic citation and need a speed traffic ticket defense lawyer in Lincoln Park, Michigan, we are available anytime you need us. We will return your telephone calls promptly and stay in constant communication. Never wait for tomorrow, if you can fix the problem today. To avail your FREE office and telephone legal consultation, do not think twice to call us. What are you waiting for? Pick your phone now and Call us!